Adorable Home


Adorable Home is a life simulation game available on mobile devices.

You and your spouse will build your house with details such as interior and exterior accompanied by one or more cats in your Home.

When raising cats, you will have to bathe, feed them, play with them, and trim their nails.


Those actions will bring you love, something that you can shop for things in the house like sofa, carpet, TV shelf, bonsai … to decorate and can open the box to buy more notes.

The gameplay of Adorable Home is quite simple, but if you are new, you still need to look through a few guidelines in this article.

Decorating for the living room,

Step 1: At the beginning of the game, you have to choose a language.

Choose your partner; you can choose one male or one female or choose both male and female.

Name yourself and your partner and click Confirm.

Step 2: At the beginning of the game, click on the character’s dialogue to skip this conversation.

Now, you need to add something to your living room.

Follow the initial instructions for feeding the cat.

The first task to feed the cat so you will receive 1500 hearts, this is the central money in the game, and you will use this money to shop for your door.

The money symbol will display in the upper right corner.

Click on it, and you will see a menu to buy hearts appear, accompanied by views to get souls for free.

Then, after having money, go to the house icon in the lower right corner> select Shop.

Here you will see items like:

  • Lounge Items: Furniture items for the living room.
  • Garden Items: Garden item items must unlock a garden to choose from.
  • Foods & Boxes: Foods in the box.
  • Cat Boxes: Cat box, open to get more cats.

The items in the living room include:

  • Electronics: Including TVs, Fans, Air conditioners, etc.
  • Sofas: Sofas, including separate pillows.
  • Tables: Living room tables
  • Cabinets: TV shelf
  • Chairs: Seats
  • Carpets.
  • Stairs.
  • Lamps.
  • Potted Plants.
  • Vases.
  • Entertainment: including Piano and aquarium.
  • Decorations: including murals, Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths, etc.
  • Others: Other items, including bookshelves, fireplaces, clothes hangers, frames.

To replace the decoration item with the item you bought, click the home icon> select Mine.

This will be what you purchased, click on the item you just bought and select Yes to replace.

You will then see the item position replaced.


Adorable garden decoration,

To unlock your Garden, you need to spend 3,000 hearts.

Click the home icon and select the Garden.

After unlocking your Garden, go to the Shop> Select Garden Items to enter the Garden’s decoration shop.

Similar to the living room, you will have items such as:

  • Flowers: All kinds of roses, lavender, hydrangea decorated with flower baskets, vases, or even a big bush.
  • Plants: Types of plants, including pumpkins and mushroom dust.
  • Garden Chairs: Garden chairs
  • Garden Mats: Garden rugs, including picnic rugs
  • Garden Lights: Garden
  • Statues: Statues, puppets.
  • Nests: Bird’s nests, beehives, stands for parrots
  • Garden facilities: Garden furnishings, including flower carts, small fountains, wells, Japanese water pumps.
  • How to decorate the Garden you do the same as in the living room.

After buying the decorations, go to the Adorable House icon> select Mine> Garden and click on the purchased item> select Yes.

Share moments,

In the Moment section, you will save exciting moments with your cats.

You can share this moment by clicking on the yellow arrow icon.

Or click the trash icon to delete that photo.

See the Adorable weather Home,

Click on the Adorable House icon> select the weather icon, as shown below.

You will now see the Adorable Home weather for the next five days. Click on the weather today to get a heart.

Play with cats in Adorable Home,

To make money in the game, buy the cat, and then appear in the living room.

You can cut your cat’s nails, bathe, and play with them.

With nail clippers, you slide your fingers into their nails to cut the nails and not put your fingers in the pink meat.

It is easiest to swipe on the tip of the nail, remember slowly, so you will not be able to touch its pink flesh.

By stroking them, you need to note one thing.

Cats prefer to touch only parts of their body close to each other, and each cat will enjoy feeling different places.

For example, if you touch the tail and find that the cat likes it, it will prefer to affect only those near the rear, such as the hind legs.

Some children just want to touch the body.

The trick is to remember where each cat is and feel the part they like; only the “pompous” Elisabeth is a little harder.

Bathing for cats is the most straightforward task.

Simply put your phone on a flat surface, table, bed.

Anywhere that is flat.

After each meal, too, the cat will pay you a little “affection.”

You can change cat food for more money and less time to eat.

If the food you prepare is not satisfactory for the cats, they will puff, quickly they will go away during the day, or it will take a few days.


Prepare a Bento lunch box,

When it comes to making rice, there will be a person working and a person at Home; you have to buy food in the store to prepare the other person to work.

Click on each part of the food box to add food, then press Back to go out.

Depending on the food you put in the box, your partner may give more or less heart.

Here you select dishes, including Main Course (main dish), Side dish (appetizer), Dessert (dessert), and finally Bento Box (lunchbox).

In the beginning, that is all; your task is to do everything in the house to make money.

Then buy more cats to get more money, unlock other areas in the Home and shop for each area.

If you want to explore more types of puzzle games, you can challenge your brain with Brain out – the illogical puzzle game that has questions that will surprise you with the publisher’s answer.

The big plus for Adorable Home is that it does not need an internet connection to play anywhere.
The lack of social interaction games has offset by the popular community of Adorable Home with hundreds of groups on Facebook and Twitter.

Some experienced members said that petting, cutting nails, and bathing cats is a stable source of heart to improve family life in the game.

New players should prioritize buying 12 cats before purchasing furniture. A cat with 480 hearts, 12 cats will get 5,760 hearts.

However, the developer set a two-hour break for each cat because it is impossible to sit for hours beside a smartphone to “plough” the heart this way; players forced to log into the game regularly to earn the maximum amount of cores.

Suppose you are free, every two hours to take care of once, up to 12 times a day. A day to take care of enough cats will earn 69,120 hearts.

For those inexperienced with cats, Adorable Home is considered a dictionary to teach how to take care of them.

In Adorable Home, cats play an important role because they are cute and have funny actions. < Also, players can live with their partners in the dream house to bring warmth, relaxation, and less loneliness. The online community shares an exciting moment in Adorable Home. It combined with post-production stories from the fertile imagination to create the power of communication, make others curious, and download to try.

Simple gameplay is the advantage of Adorable Home, but over time, having to perform repetitive tasks makes the game gradually boring.

However, Hyper Beard forced to continually add new features to entice old players that can make the game more troublesome for newbies, as well as against the identity of Adorable Home and the company itself.

A few others also complained that the game also had “gritty particles” such as lost furniture, machine characters (NPC) behaving strangely and emotionally … Through each update, Hyper Beard tried.

Fix bugs, add features, sound effects, and weather.

The company also intends to expand the space and number of objects that can interact.

The fact that free games often have many players increases early in the game and plummets later.

As the graphics or gameplay aspect loses its appeal, maintaining the Adorable Home’s success will be a big challenge for Hyper Beard.

5 million downloads in a month,

This game has received more than 5 million downloads in less than one month and reached the top 10 prevalent on the Google Play app store.

For ease of comparison, the game Lien Quan Mobile took over six months to get 5 million downloads.

Besides, Adorable Home also helps create a large community of players.

Posts in the group get tens of thousands of interactions.

Create your own Home,

There are many main reasons why this game attracts players.

In particular, allowing users to build a dream life, according to personal preferences, is the main factor.

“I like cats very much, but my family doesn’t support me. This game is for cats, doing tasks by taking care of cats every day, so I like it. That is the main reason why I play this game,” said a player.

The game plot revolves around a young family with spouses and cats.

Initially, players can choose characters and look according to many options such as men, women, hairstyles, skin colors, and faces.

Many people play Adorable Home to satisfy the design of their own Home.

After choosing the half that will live with you, players will carry out the game’s challenges, such as caring for cats and preparing food for a “partner” to live in the house.

Completing the challenge, the user can get rewarded is the heart.

In addition to getting a free number of cores, players can watch new ads to double the number of centers received.

These hearts use to buy in-game items such as furniture, trees, home furnishings, or cats.

The decoration of his dream homemade the game attracts many people.

The simple animation design helps the game bring a new experience to the complex graphic plays on the market.

“What could be more interesting than manually decorating the living room, Garden, and bedroom for your house? Also, I can share the results on social networks,” said a player.


Attract players with silly errors,

What makes the Adorable Home player community come from the silly scenes in the game.

Also, the community of Adorable Home players regularly shares their “married life” in the game for everyone to comment on.

Other ridiculous scenes like the husband standing on the violin while his foot stepped on the cat, preparing food that cost too much money, but the husband did not bring the heart. These errors help create many topics for all People in the gaming community to have fun discussing.

Get bored after two months of the debut,

However, after nearly two months of the debut, many people have become bored with Adorable Home.

The main reason is that the game’s set of tasks repeats things like preparing food for the other person to go to work, cutting toenails, stroking, and bathing the cat.

“If there are other tasks to help get bored, I will continue playing this game. I raise 12 cats, each time doing the task is very boring,” a player commented in the group. Adorable community.

The gaming groups are all on social networks, not integrated within the game.

Some other players think that this game needs to update more character movements.

“If you update the tracking feature, visit your friends’ houses, I think Adorable Home will attract more players,” Facebook account Anie Nguyen commented.

In the end, the quest to earn more hearts in the game exceeded the limit for buying items.


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