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To all those who haven’t played Among Us, you must be hearing quite a lot about the game and wondering what it is and how do I play it? Honestly, Among us is in trend and it is all over the place. Let us give you an in-depth perspective of the game, after which you will surely want to download Among Us APK on your phone!

Among Us Game: Description

The game starts with the players in a spaceship, where they are given two roles. All of them look like crewmates, while most are crewmates, but a few are impostors! Crewmates need to finish their tasks and eject the impostors from the ship to win the game. They are menial duties players have to complete to win the game. It consists of fixing wires, downloading files, cleaning places, etc.

On the other hand, the impostors need to kill all the crewmates to win the game or sabotage the spaceship in various ways, leading to its destruction. Crewmates need to save the ship and look out for their teammates to see if they are secretly killed or not. If they find a dead body, they have to report it, which calls for a discussion.

Crewmates discuss who is most likely to be the impostor and vote them out. You win if you have successfully ejected the impostor. But, if you removed a player from the ship, you are in for some more danger because now you are another teammate down, making things easier for the impostor!

Crewmates can also assemble for emergency meetings if they feel that something is fishy and need to discuss it. But beware, because even impostors can call for emergency meetings to trick other players! So, will you be up for a game of thrill, suspense, and fun at the same time? Download Among Us games to know more.


Among Us Game: Features

  • You can play Among Us with a minimum of four players and a maximum of ten players.
  • Furthermore, you can play with a minimum of one impostor and a maximum of three impostors.
  • Players assemble in a lobby with a space-shuttle theme, where they can roam around until the game starts. They can also customize their avatar in the lobby by choosing different skins, hats, and pets.
  • Among Us players will be able to see the game’s current settings on the screen’s top left side in the lobby. From the lobby, you can check the number of impostors in the game, the number of tasks, and various essential things.
  • The game starts with each player knowing whether they are a crewmate or an impostor. If they are a crewmate, they need to finish the tasks before their team is killed. Furthermore, they must fix the spaceship if the impostor sabotages it.
  • If you are an impostor, there are high chances that you have extra abilities, like better speed and vision, which the hosts of the game can edit. Impostors can walk up to crewmates, kill them, or sabotage systems by opening their maps and pressing specific buttons.
  • Impostors can also use air vents to secretly travel from one place to another or leave the area after killing a crewmate.
  • There is a map button on each player’s screen, which they can use to navigate with ease. The Among Us map shows the tasks’ location for each player unless the impostor sabotages the comms!
  • Even the map button on the impostor’s screen displays specific tasks for them to go there and act as if they are completing a task to blend in.

Among Us Game: Graphics

If you look at a gameplay video or even images, you will notice that the characters are cute! Everything about them can make you smile, from their attire to their movement. It is also the thing that makes Among Us stand apart from other games. The game offers each player a separate personality by giving them the freedom to choose from different colors, clothes, and other things.


The game has smooth visuals and perfect animations. You can run the game at 60fps for experiencing the beauty of the game at its best. You can try and notice that the game is easily compatible with low-end phones. Most probably, you wouldn’t be experiencing lag issues. But you might face them if your net speed is slow.

Among Us is a party game; therefore, it has that vibe to it, with the game’s added thrill and suspense. The designers have done a great job considering their choices and the imagination with which they came up with a combination of comical characters with a serious touch to the game. It is appreciative of how they have created a game that is both fun and serious.

All in all, Among Us, is one of the best games you can play with your family, friends, or even with a bunch of random people you meet in the game! You must consider downloading Among Us APK to know more about it.

Among Us Game: FAQ

1. Where is Among Us available? It is available on various platforms like the App Store, Play Store, and you can also download it from the Internet. You can get Among Us on your smartphones as well as on your PC.

2. Is it free to play? Yes, Among Us is free to play with in-game purchases. You can purchase skins and pets for your avatar, which can cost you a few dollars.

3. How to join a new game? If you want to create a game, you can go to the online section and choose the select game option. You can edit various things in the game settings because you are the host. You can share the Among Us code with friends and family so that they can play. Furthermore, you can make the room public if you want strangers to enter.

If you want to join a game your friend creates, you can ask to share the code. Then, you have to put the game code and join. If you want to join a random game, you can search for it in the online section.

4. Can you play the game alone? You can play Among Us alone or with random people, but it is best played with family and friends.

5. Can you talk in the game? You cannot talk in the game, but you can chat. Communication is vital in Among Us!

6. How to change your name in the game? When you enter an online game, you will see a box on the host option, and you can change the name of your avatar from here.

What are you waiting for then? Download the game right away to begin the party. And beware crewmates, because there is an impostor among us!

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