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After the success of Titanfall 1 and 2, many fans are surprised that they will not release the third part. Instead, EA has launched a battle royal version of this game that continues their story in the same world.

EA has just released its first version of Apex Legends for mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

You can now play your favorite games on your mobile devices for an improved mobile gaming experience.



Build your three legendary squads to battle with others in this strategic Battle Royale game to see who the winning team is.

Exceptional Features,

Although this game based on the world-famous PUBG game, Apex Legend has its drama components. Here are the exceptional features that make you love this game:

Unique Skillset,

Unlike PUBG, where all you can rely on yourself, in Apex Legends, players must play in groups because the mechanism does not allow to play solo games. And you will have three different players in each team, each with their characteristics and roles in battle.

You will have medicine to restore and revive your teammates, set traps to attract enemies into their deaths, defend, and scout to collect information as well as vision.

Because each legend has a unique collection of skills and abilities, you and your teammates must make good use of their combined power to gain advantages. Discover different strategies to bring out the best team composition for you and your friends.


In Apex Legends, you need to think fast to obtain initial advantages and take important winning points for your team. Also, you must learn how to master the skills and abilities of absolute legends to be able to perform different strategies in different situations.

Most importantly, players must learn to work with their teammates and stay connected during the fight. With up to 60 players in a map, everything can get wild and quickly.

Innovative battle system,

With an innovative battle system, Apex Legends brings us many new features cannot found in any other battle royal games. These features drastically change the gameplay and make every game much more complicated and entertaining at the same time.


Therefore, you will be able to revive your dead teammates by using specific equipment and items. This option makes a big difference when you can instantly balance the benefits with the oncoming enemy army. It also has an improved communication system that helps you interact with teammates without having to say a word.

For those eager to join the battle or want to support their teammates from remote, you can use Jumpmaster deployments to get you into the fight right away. Moreover, you can use your vast collection of different items and weapons to compete effectively.

Update Seasons frequently,

With regular-season updates, gamers supported with regular support from the developer to improve their overall experience. And gameplay and mechanics will be developed in the future. You will also be able to choose new features and Legends so that the game remains more engaging. And most importantly, new maps with modern elements will be available to explore.

Completely Free,

And the best thing about Apex Legends mobile is that the game is entirely free. Therefore, players from around the world will be able to play this game on Android.

Great Graphics,

The game has realistic graphics with unbelievable visual effects—the weapons, characters and clothes carefully designed with excellent levels of detail. You will also be able to visit the vast genuine map. In general, you will be hard to find a game with better graphics than this game.

Yet, this also makes the game a bit more demanding on low-profile phones. You may need to reduce the image quality to be able to play the game smoothly.


Cool Game Sounds,

Gunfights, weapons incidents, and explosions are described a lot with dynamic sound effects. You will immediately feel like the bloody battlefield of Apex Legends surrounds you in just a few seconds in the game.

Besides, the voice characters make every dialogue in the game becomes realistic and attractive. It is like you are a real part of their story.


With incredible gameplay, realistic physics, and mechanics, you promised to have valuable experiences on Apex Legends. Take up your weapons and join your teammates in this awesome Battle Royale game.


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