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Asphalt 8, Their first game worked well on the Xbox, had no issues, but it took them a long time to get it up and running on the Xbox.

The game can work without any problems on simple mobile devices with only 512MB of RAM.

I would like to thank the Gameloft company because They work well and give us free access to the game.


Asphalt 8 takes up quite a lot of space on a mobile phone, but now there is enough memory on devices, so there should be no problems.

Great Graphics:

As soon as the seventh part of Asphalt appeared, the communities of the great Phone were in great delight since the graphics set at the highest level.

Rendering and rendering are very fresh and incredibly colorful.

Asphalt 8’s car rendering is much more relaxed.

Go to the garage, choose a car, and click on the car to get a closer look at it.

Notice the shapes, the different colors, the various reflections, and more.

There are a lot of jokes here. The game looks incredibly crisp on Windows Phone 8.

The only problem is that you can see small squares on mobile devices.

The graphics are done smoothly, so there will be no jerks here.

Eight seasons, more than 150 races:

The passage mode is exciting. Many seasons await us here.

Now there are eight seasons. Any of these seasons has a specific name and attracts the attention of some personalities.

The developers point out that the seasons created in the original style.

With each subsequent part, a lot of exciting things revealed.

Something new is opening, and there is an opportunity to collect stars to get something new. Earn awards; get achievements; and more.

Go through tasks and open a bunch of new events, skip some events, and buy new stars on in-game cash at the right time.

Do not waste your money:

I would like to draw your attention to the donation. Asphalt 8 has become several times more substantial than the previous game.

For any race, you can get a certain number of credits, the maximum amount of which reaches 1500 credits.

As far as we know, cars are costly here, so you will have to collect money for a long time to buy them.

Previously, you received from 50,000 to 150,000 credits per race, but now only up to 1500 credits.

Exciting changes, isn’t it? It takes a lot of hard work to buy a car. Work long and hard.

Then there are questions about how to buy some additional credits. The problem is that the prices for them are also unrealistically high, because of which the desire completely disappears.


Expensive Cars

Some players want to drive the most expensive cars.

Everything is simple here. Go to the store and select sets.

As far as we know, you can buy a class of cars there. It is clear that the prices there are unpleasant, but we have no other choice.

You can throw in real money and discover any car. It will take an exceptionally long time to collect loans yourself.

If you are going to spend real money, then buy cars not separately, but immediately in a set. So, everything will be much cheaper.

Pre-race Briefing:

Before any race, you need to become familiar with the different types of races. Solve numerous tasks, complete racing projects, and try to earn as many stars as possible.

You can get both three stars and five. It all depends entirely on your efforts. Make turns in the air, drift, and earn a certain amount of points and become the best.

The tasks here are straightforward. Earn stars and move to the first places in the world rankings.

Exciting Places:

There is information from the creators that Asphalt 8 has eight different cities.

Among them, you can find yourself in Tokyo, Nevada, Venice, Monaco, Barcelona, ​​London, and some other beautiful places.

Each of them has some types of tracks. The variety here turned out to be unrealistically high.

Races often repeated, and the impression gradually deteriorates.

Racing fans should be satisfied with the excellent graphics, which turned out to be unrealistically cool.

In any country, you can find many exciting places. Drive over dams, ride through secret bases, watch booster rockets, and much more.

In general, there are a lot of opportunities here. The developers have tried to surprise the players with their beautiful graphics.

The only thing they disappointed with was physics.

Speed-Up, Hit nitro, Crush your opponents, and win!

At the first turn, it becomes clear that nitro is especially important.

The game received realistic controls, and many factors appeared. Asphalt 8 cannot be called a simulator.

Most likely, Asphalt 8 is still racing. The arcade racing game turned out to be cool.

The developers know that many gamers love simulators, so they tried to make physics and controls fresh and similar to real ones.

Initially, it may seem to you that the simulator is simple, but, it is not so. Approach the ramp and the springboard, fly over the road, and earn a certain amount of points.


Do not miss the landing!

Cars in the game can fly without any problems. They can roll over and make some turns right in the air.

It is interesting, isn’t it? Turn cars in the air, And crash into other vehicles.

The developers have provided a wide range of features that are sure to amaze you.

Gameloft has made a huge difference. Thanks to several races, it becomes clear that physics delivered at the highest level.

Most likely, everyone who dives into the game will like it.

New vehicle damage system:

The damage system in the game introduced. The developers have tried hard through the muddy roads, as well as wipe the dirt from the cars.

Destroy rivals, smash windows, doors, and pull out a trunk with a hood.

The damage system turned out to be very relaxed here.

You can roll:

Try to be careful, because at any time you can face numerous problems.

The ride that was previously cautious has already ended. You have to take risks somehow.

Try not to flip your car, turn it around and move to the desired goal. Land on the roof of your car and try not to crash.

Destroy every opponent, become the best. Among the simulators, Asphalt 8 is considered one of the best.

The developers managed to combine several great genres here, among which the main one is racing.

Not only cars will take off,

I would like to note that not only cars can take off here. The system has changed dramatically here.

Connect a particular controller to your mobile device and play on a gamepad.

Try to calibrate the sensitivity to feel extremely good on the road.

Adapt the steering to yourself, try not to strain at all, and apply the brake when cornering. Sharp turns can take anyone off the track.

Any of the races will have to require different vehicle stats.

Follow tuning, upgrade your car, And graze individuals who do the same things as you.

Upgrade your car right from the garage. Tune cheap cars at the first levels and do not spend too much time on them later.

Improve performance, unlock something new, And continuously change cars for more expensive ones.

Spread out as many credits as you think you need. Use a variety of formulas and try to calculate everything as correctly as possible.

Asphalt 8 has six different modes, each with unique abilities. There is a classic mode, knockdown, slalom, duel, elimination, and infection.

All of them are remarkably interesting and attractive. The developers did not overflow the game with different modes. They added significant styles and thus attracted the attention of millions of people.

It is clear that the variety has always stood out, but six modes are just enough.

The sound is Louder,

The sound design here is incredibly refreshing. The developers have added unusual musical compositions. Each car has its engine sound.

During the passage, licensed music plays, which Gameloft bought for its own money.

Playing with music is much more pleasant. If you like the track, then you can pause and see what it is playing.

After that, go to the Internet and download a musical composition for yourself.


There are a lot of cars:

I would like to note that the game has a huge garage that can accommodate a vast number of cars.

Asphalt 8 turned out to be remarkably interesting, due to which many people pay attention to it. Some people do not know what kind of cars there are.

There is a vast number of machines known throughout our world. New devices meet here, where amazing systems take part.

Statistics, Medals, and Achievements:

Asphalt 8 has equipped with an incredible stats system.

You can play with close friends over the Internet. Create entire teams and organize championships.

We hope you enjoy everything. Get a variety of medals, unique rewards, and more. Move into new seasons and discover a lot of exciting things.


The game gets a good rating. It turned out to be successful, so there is no point in giving a low mark.

If you compare it with the previous part, then it has become much more suitable, and the developers have taken several steps forward.

This game has Amazing graphics, Unique controls, a Huge number of cars, and much more!

In general, everything is very fresh.


  • High-quality colorful graphics and well cars;
  • The ability to play on different platforms;
  • A vast number of cars in the garage;
  • Excellent management;
  • Excellent damage system;
  • Excellent road surface and good cars.


  • The absence of some cars.
  • No Xbox game support.

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