Bloons TD 6


Bloons TD 6 game has returned to the gaming industry to give users more fun and entertainment.

Are you ready to participate in this exciting gameplay and win achievements?

Now, this ball gameplay has improved considerably, but only for the better, so players will enjoy this game more than before.

Beautiful and rich in colors three-dimensional graphics (3D), as if calling to plunge into this endless fun and the players can no longer tear themselves away from it.


The whole plot of Bloons TD 6 is to reproduce the defense of your fortress, but this requires a unique strategy and tactical plan.

You must defeat enemies and maximize your advantage.

A perfect case of the fort is necessary because there will be a lot of enemies around you.

Therefore, place a lot of different equipment around the perimeter, make improvements to your heroes involved, and destroy the balls that will fly.

Crazy Ball Battles,

The graphics of the three-dimensional image in the game have changed significantly because now it has become even more beautiful, more precious, and incredibly magical.

Visual effects bring joy to the players, and more than two dozen different maps and locations lure them into these adventures for a long time.

You will learn about the existence of hundreds of different objects in Bloons TD 6, be ready to help defend your main fortress.

Usually, when you move from one level to the next, the towers should be much more durable and robust, which means that they need to be improved as often as possible.

Moreover, the heroes also participate in the defense, and they have their superpowers.

The game Bloons TD 6 it will be possible to defend the fortress.

Each action taken, aimed at protecting the fort, leaves enemies less likely to attack, and improve management skills in defense of fortresses.

What needs to do?

The goal for all levels in the game is the same; It is necessary to build a fortress and equip it with various tools.

With the help of such tools, no enemy will be able to get inside the fort.

To make a good defense, for such purposes you will need good weapons and an appropriate army that will be ready to defend against enemy attacks.


In the future, the game will improve their heroes.

This option will be necessary for them to become more durable and more resistant to attacks.

The game will need to get away from balls that fly from different directions.

The game has a lot of areas. They change very quickly.

The changing landscape in the game allows you to adapt to the situation while fighting enemies.

Super Abilities,

The main characters use more than just weapons.

They also have great superpowers.

With the help of these skills, it will be possible to inflict more significant damage to opponents from different sides of the barricades.

How can you win,

The Secret of victory is quite simple – for this, you need to show lightning-fast actions. If balls attack, then they must immediately be shot off, using the power of the characters. There will not be time for braking in the game.

Therefore, you should spend as much energy as possible on protection.

In Bloons TD 6, you will directly defend your own created fortress. After each acted, the enemies always have less and less chance of winning.

The gamer, of course, will improve the skills of the main characters in defense of fortresses.


The Secret of victory,

Winning in this game is extremely easy – you need to play as quickly as possible as if you were lightning.

If the balls attack, then you will need to immediately shoot at them, using the power of the main character. Of course, there is no braking time in the game. So, you need to spend the maximum of your efforts to ensure the efforts of your fortress.

Why should you play this game?

  • Amazing graphics;
  • A vast number of fresh and exciting tasks;
  • The ability to improve your mood;
  • You can play with your friends.

Bloons TD 6 is a quality game in which you can find something to do, as well as spend your free time with an interest.


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