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Brawl Stars for Android is a multiplayer battle-game from Supercell, the creator of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Supercell released the game in 2017 in Canada and on the international market in December 2018. Brawl Stars immediately gained popularity and is now one of the most popular games on Google Play. You can download Brawl Stars for Android.


Brawl Stars is a solo-battle game, as well as cooperative with friends in a variety of modes. The fight lasts no longer than three minutes. Users can improve their characters, improve their weapons, and provide them with superpowers.

Players can join groups or create their own. In the standard model, you can exchange battle strategies and get unique rewards. There are unique skins that you need to collect or buy.

Brawl Stars cannot be classified as one specific genre, as there are many modes in the game. They affect both the rules of the game and the entire gameplay.

The arena is visible from above, so all vegetation acts as a shelter. This setting creates dynamic gameplay. Everyone chooses tactics, tent, sets up traps.

Characters in Brawl Stars

There are 22 characters totally in the game. Unique abilities and fighting styles define each one.

Starting characters

Shelley, Nita, Colt, Bull, Jesse, Brock, Dynamike, Bo

Rare Brawl Stars Heroes

El Primo, Barley, Poco

Super rare characters

Ricochet, Darryl, Penny

Epic fighters

Frank, Piper, Pam

Brawl Stars mystical characters

Tara, Mortis

Legendary characters

Spike, Leon, Raven

Tip: Choose a character that interests you. Each is unique in its way, so do not look at the numbers because your hero’s level depends only on you.


Game modes on Brawl Stars

After downloading Brawl Stars for your Android device, you will get an online shooter with a wide variety of modes. The first of these is Grabbing Crystals. It played by teams of 3 by 3. The first thing to do is to team up with friends or other users to develop effective tactics against enemies. The winner is the three that collected and retained ten crystals.

The second mode is a collision. It is available for both single-player and two-player modes. The winner will take everything, so only one will survive in this battle. Therefore, your character must be prepared and equipped for this.

The reward for the capture is the third Brawl Stars mode. It played three vs 3. The task of each team is to collect as many stars as possible—they gave for destroying opponents. Victory will provide for those who will receive the most points and will not let themselves get caught.

The fourth mode is robbery: 3v3 teams try to find and break into the enemy’s safe. Before reaching the primary goal, you need to study the map, find the enemy’s reliability, and get to it. Hacking can be done silently or in active combat. Also, you should master your safety and protect it from the enemy team.

The last and most recent regime is broadbill. It played by teams of 3. In this mode, you need to show all your football abilities. Here, too, knowledge of football tactics and strategies will not harm. The winning team must score two goals against the opponent. The exciting thing is that the match plays without warnings and red cards.

Features of Brawl Stars

Supercell’s team-based has several features that helped make the project one of the best on Google Play in 2018; This includes real-time 3v3 battles against players from around the world, This is also a quick battle in corporate mode on mobile platforms.

Brawl Stars characters have unique abilities. You can fight not only as a team but also alone. Game modes and events are updated every day. There are global lists of the best players. Users can create their groups, invite friends, and fight together.

Despite the variety of Brawl Stars, the game looks quite minimalistic.

The main menu is not overload with information. The game modes are immediately visible on the main screen.

And the Reward boxes are opened with coins, so there is no need for donations.

Suitable control is worth highlighting. In battle, you control only two branches. The third one appears when a super attack is available. Hero movement, aiming, and shooting are conveniently combined with virtual sticks in the emulator. Therefore, players who downloaded Brawl Stars on a PC will be on equal standing with users of mobile platforms.


Download Brawl Stars

The game released for Android, but you can also download Brawl Stars on a pc with emulator support. The download is free, but there is a donation in the game. Some items, weapons, and costumes cost real money, but you can level up your character without it. The privacy policy provides an age limit of 13 years. Brawl Stars works perfectly on all devices without losing the graphics that draws to itself.


Brawl Stars has all the qualities of a top Google Play game. Graphics and gameplay thought out to the smallest detail. Players will be happy to experience the mechanics of shooting, convenient controls, and a variety of battle modes. The Brawl Stars shooter is easy to learn and does not require any mandatory investment. Plus, the project is continuously in development. From time to time, new heroes, costumes, maps, and battle modes appear.

Players have the opportunity to improve their characters, provide them with unique abilities. Track your ranking in the global list of the best players. Everyone has a chance to prove that they are the best Brawl Stars fighter.


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