Clash Of Clans


Clash of Clans is a game that gives a blow to the mobile market and attractive players by extremely tactical and epic battles.

The Mobile version ensures to bring players extremely great experience as well as extremely comfortable.


Game Highlights,

  • Build and design a great fortress to protect it from the enemy’s attacks.
  • Challenge other players from around the world to bring glory to your hands.
  • Discover attractive Game Modes.
  • Travel to many Builder’s Base to discover new buildings and characters in a mysterious world.

Clash of Clans is a story about a small tribe; they live peacefully, love nature, work hard.

However, in times of turmoil, they are constantly attacked by leprechauns and villains and destroy their village.

They were not resigned to their fate, they determined to stand up so they could regain their freedom.

You are the chosen one and will be the leader, you will lead them on the journey to regain freedom and destroy evils.


Your task when coming to Clash of Clans is to lead the villagers, build and develop the small village to become a mighty kingdom.

At the same time, create military resources, improve, and enhance your power to be able to destroy the bad guys who are watching and plotting to attack your kingdom.


The first and most essential thing to create a powerful kingdom is that you need resources, both human, financial, and raw.

In Clash of Clans, you can build buildings, research stations, warehouses as well as military barracks to increase the Kingdom’s potential.

The essential thing in your Kingdom is the main house; this is where you need to upgrade to be able to enhance the development of the clan.

Opening new technologies, buildings, and more powerful troops.

The main house is similar to your castle, and the bigger and stronger the castle will be proportional to the power of your Kingdom.

Next is the buildings in the Kingdom that include all the researchers about soldiers, laboratories, guild fortresses.

These are places that help you research and create mighty armies as well as Develop technology and magic.

Especially the guild building, this is a bridge between you and the others in your guild to fight and support each other.

Mining and storage are the places to create fuel as well as gold for your Kingdom. These are significant resources and materials, and you need to build and develop these places to have abundant raw materials to make your Kingdom.

There are three main types in the game: gold, oil, and black oil.

There are also turrets, watchtowers, traps; these are places where you can defend against the attacks from enemies who are watching your Kingdom.


Types of soldiers,

Every kingdom that wants to be strong needs an army to fight and protect, and so is Clash of Clans. You can create mighty armies from the barracks in your Kingdom.

You can upgrade to make them more reliable from the research room.

And it would help if you also went to barracks to gather your army.

In addition to ordinary soldiers, you can also own more generals, as well as symbols and pioneers in wars that can mention, such as Queen of archers, King of barbarians.

Also, these are Super warriors who do a great deal of damage, as well as good stamina, which helps a lot in battles.

Game modes,

There are three main game modes in Clash of Clans: practice mode, single-player mode, and multiplayer mode.

Training mode will have tasks depending on the level of the main house you currently own, starting with the main level 4.

In this mode, you will focus the army, attack, and complete tasks.

The single-player mode is a duplicate in Clash of Clans.

You will have the game you need to overcome with the main task in the primary stages is to attack and destroy the evil monsters that are watching your Kingdom.

Multiplayer mode is the primary game mode in Clash of Clans.

After building your Kingdom to become more powerful, you can bring companies to attack and defeat other kingdoms to bring back the resources and gold coins.

To help make your country more developed.


In Clash of Clans, you can choose to join a clan or create your one.

The clan will be a position to collect many kingdoms, cooperate, and unite to fight.

Guild players can support each other with a lot of troops and resources.

Also, every week there are countless exciting party activities.

Another feature,

In Clash of Clans, you can own and decorate your Kingdom more beautiful with statues, gift boxes, or any other decorations.

You can also change the landscape, color, or Skin changes for your generals.

Sounds and graphics,

The music in Clash of Clans has a gentle, joyful, alternating rhythm is the drama in the stages of striving or attacking the opponent’s house.

All your troops in the game have a distinct sound and do not get confused.


Also, the effect when you break down the opponent’s walls or win the game is fascinating, making the game more attractive.

Graphics in Clash of Clans bring bright colors, beautiful harmony.

The soldiers are charming and cute design.

The buildings in the game with many different shapes, you will get the works on the same theme, the time when upgrading them to a degree with each other.

Effects, when you attack, kill enemies, using tactics, are added to the impact to make the game more interesting.


  • Android 4.1 and above;
  • iOS 9.0 and above.

Clash of Clans requires extreme tactics when you need to arrange and adjust the troops appropriately to be able to defeat and attack your enemies.

Upgrade and increase the power to make your Kingdom stronger.

If you love strategy games, display games, then Clash of Clans is a name you should not ignore.


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