Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle


Super Gameplay,

In Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, Teams will fight off the enemies who are trying to destroy the planet.

You will join with the familiar heroes to protect the Earth from enemies.

But this is not just a fighting game; it is much more complex and exciting, it sometimes shows some action and RPG parts.


Super character,

Besides, you can customize the tag by creating a duplicate card to increase its rate and stats.

This way, you will have no useless duplicate tags.

Sounds challenging? That is because this game has a little learning curve. But once you get everything, it will be much better!

Collectibles heroes, almost every character you love from the original Manga and Anime series is here! Not only that but the villains too! Choose styles from different layers like Android, Saiyan, Humans, and Gods! What more could you ask for? They also offer special characters, an upgraded version of a character.

Unique Gameplay, when you play Dragon Ball Z, you will immediately fight. But in this game, that is not the whole story. Instead, you get a puzzle game utterly dependent on your wits! Not every day you can play this game, so catch it when it is hot.

Compete with others,

Since this is an online game, you can compete with other players around the world!

Dominate through leaderboards with your card collection and plow enemies.

Action Scenes,

Since this is DBZ, there are still action and fight scenes here and there.

In each of your turns to attack, your character performs the attack in a fantastic animation!

Newbie DBZ Dokkan players may not understand everything at first.

And that is entirely understandable!

Therefore, here are our tips for beginners:

Familiarize yourself with the type chart

In this game, the ability to connect your colored orbs is the key to victory.

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Here is the ultimate Dragon Ball Z combat experience!

Create Your Own Dragon Ball Dream Team,

This is another mobile game that combines parts of action and logic; This game will take the player to a magical world.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle was developed by Bird Studio and released by Bandai Namco. Bird Studio has made new adjustments that turn the game to reality.


Your Main Goal,

Players must create an unbeatable team of heroes.

The player will enter a fierce battle with different enemies, and your purpose here is to destroy them.

However, most events occur irregularly, and many of the available bonus points are credited to the account immediately.

Also, there may be difficulties in picking up a team and fight with enemies.


The main task of the player is to pick up reliable partners and win the event.

Each mission has different events.

Graphics & Sounds,

The graphics and sounds are improved.

The music takes from the anime.

In General, the gamer gives an excellent opportunity to feel like a hero of the series.

Use various bonuses and items to grow your team and Collect your reliable group of fighters from the Dragon Ball world and elevate them to a level where it will be mostly impossible to destroy them.

Group characters to acquire and activate powerful skills.

How to win the difficult battles against the most vigorous opponents?

The answer is simple: Fight, win, and get the mystery.

The end of the Dragon Ball game rests on your shoulders!


The essence of the game is to create your team of heroes and fight with more powerful opponents.

The competition divided into two main parts.

When we are not fighting, we move our character to the board. We can face not only enemies but also find money and many useful items—the battles conducted in a rather unusual way.

Our task is to combine the colored balls into groups. Depending on the type and number of fields, we will deal with a certain amount of damage.

We also assign various special attacks that deal more damage and can change the outcome of battles.

The Gameplay complemented by a relatively simple character development system and typical collectible items.

Game modes,

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle can play in single-player mode, but it requires a constant internet connection.

However, the real fun begins when we decide to play with friends.

Thanks to these social options, we can invite other players – this gives us more extra points.

Besides fighting opponents driven by artificial intelligence, we can also challenge other players.


Technical Features,

As befits an official game in the Dragon Ball game, the hero of our review offers colorful graphics reminiscent of the original manga.

The set includes locations, characters, attacks, animations, and authentic Japanese voice acting, so all fans will feel at home while playing.

Now you can experience all nonstop action in the palm of your hand!

Intense Over-the-Top Action.

Assemble your dream team, Create your organization from a wide variety of Dragon Ball characters.

Fierce enemies, the challenges of Extreme Z-Battle and Super Battle Road await!

Addicting Gameplay,

Destroy enemies with influential and iconic Super Attacks!


Bring with face-to-face characters from across the Gameplay, the board game-style map, and an all-new story with your best Dragon Ball.


Download for Android

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