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Garena Free Fire (also known as Free Fire Battlegrounds or Free Fire) is a mobile battle royal game, developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena Studios.

The game was officially launched on December 4, 2017, for Android and iOS.

Free Fire surpassed 500 million downloads in February 2020 on the Play Store and over 100 million downloads on the App Store.


This massive number of downloads made it one of the most popular survival shooting games on mobile platforms.

Since November 2019, the Free Fire game has gone more than 450 million registered users and earned more than $1 billion worldwide, an extraordinary amount.

Garena Free Fire received the Google Play Store ‘s most popular Games award in 2019.

Free Fire is the most impressive free survival shooting game on mobile devices today.

Gamers will be able to participate in the most challenging missions, experience exciting, attractive shooting games with a similar game to PUBG Mobile.

This game includes up to 50 parachute players on an island to search for weapons and equipment to attack, eliminate other players from the competition.

Players can freely choose the starting position, collect weapons and supplies.

And the ultimate goal of the player is to make sure they are the only ones to survive on an island.

Is this game free?

Yes, you can download the Free Fire game directly and entirely free from our website.

Free Fire available for free on the Play Store, we also provide you with links to download the Free Fire game APK file for who cannot download this game from Google Play.

Free Fire Apk is available for all Android phones such as Samsung Galaxy, LG, Oppo, HTC, Sony, Sky, Asus Zenfone, … and iPad tablets.

In particular, if your Android phone does not have access to the play store, the .apk file is the only option for you to install the Free Fire game on your phone.


Free Fire has a lightweight configuration, compatible with most Android devices today.

To play Free Fire smoothly, you should have a RAM phone of 1.5 GB or more.

Android version 4.0.3 and above is required.

When playing, you may experience lag game due to equipment configuration does not match the requirements.

Top 4 in earnings,

Garena Free Fire is a survival shooter game that rushing the mobile market, and the heat of this game has not shown signs of decline.

PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Apex Legends are the three highest-grossing games in the Battle Royale and Game Free Fire categories at No. 4.

Long-Time Gameplay,

In Free Fire, each match needs 10 minutes and taking 50 players to a distant island, where you fight against the outstanding 49 players.

Your goal is to become the last survivor, man.

Diverse maps and complex areas,

You will notice that this game has an extensive map; this map divided into many different areas such as warehouses, barracks, chemical areas, airports.

You have 40 seconds to prepare to enter the battle of survival.

Each match usually remains 10 minutes, with a breakneck speed that requires the player to be extremely flexible and confident to survive.

With complex terrain, lots of mountains, forests, roads make players will feel confused with the view in the game. This diversity makes the game more attractive.


Safe Zone,

Players are free to choose the location of skydiving, explore that land to find needed weapons and items.

They also face a safety zone that will shrink after a specific time.

Players forced to face off instead of hiding and waiting for the opportunity.

Any player who stays outside of the safe zone will lose blood to death.

Diverse & Unique characters,

The difference of the Garena Free Fire game with other survival games is its unique and distinct character system.

Free Fire has 15 characters; each character has a different playing style; players can unlock all characters during the game.

Different Game Modes,

Players can choose one of the three main game modes; Solo (played alone), Duo (played in teams of 2), and Squad mode (played in groups of 4).

You can play alone or invite more friends to form a team to fight in the vast map conditions and lots of dangers lurking.

You only have two options between life and death, which is the appeal of this survival game.

Free Fire allows players to customize the appearance of characters such as clothes, shoes to increase strength.

Besides, the game also has many tactics for players to choose driving to explore the map and avoid fighting, hiding in the grasses that the opponent cannot see. You can also ambush for opponents.

Wide Weapon Choices,

There are seven types of weapons such as Dagger, USP, AK-47, M4A1, UMP, Shotgun, AWM, and 14 different types of components; players can freely use them.

Garena Free Fire also features customized weapons with different colors, improved upgrades, and increased damage.

Bright graphic design & eye-catching interface,

Free Fire is the hottest survival shooter game on mobile devices today.

It has an eye-catching interface design, smooth controls, graphics with shading, and lighting images that make the game more and more authentic—real, vivid.

In particular, Garena Free Fire is optimized for all Android and iOS devices, making this game one of the best free survival shooters available today.

Ranked Match Feature,

This feature loved by free-fire players.

This feature allows you to advance from Bronze to Legend.

At this point, players will need to be more careful if they do not want to become an outsider with the end of the season reward.

Each season of the Garena Free Fire game will last for a month, and top-ranked players will receive unique gifts.


Other Features,

Some other functions and features of Garena Free Fire: quickly pick up weapons, equipment such as hats, armor, bandages.

To serve the war, vehicles ranging from cars, motorcycles to helicopters, control vehicles through many different terrains.

Updated Features:

Download the latest version of Free Fire Apk 2020 game on your Android phone to have the outstanding new features and features such as:

  • Death Ranking.
  • New character (Kapella).
  • New weapon – Thompson.
  • A motorbike can now carry two people.
  • MP5, UMP, and M1887 will change the index.
  • Additional settings allow speed up automatically picked in the game.
  • Players cannot now hide in the bushes.
  • Skydiving will now display the player’s backpack page.
  • The Free Fire Wonderland event is about to appear.

This article shared with you one of the best survival games plus how to download the Free Fire Apk game on your Android in a simple way.

Help you quickly experience the emotional levels of a real survival game, from joy, excitement to fun, to drama.


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