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Gangstar Vegas released by Gameloft company, this game arrived in the App Store for the first time. This company is known for its Gangstar series of games; It is the fourth version in the series. Many gamers have been waiting for this game.

One of the excellent additions to this game is the casino.

In a casino, you can get good money, but you can also lose all your fortune there.


The control panel in Gangstar Vegas for iOS and Android has not changed from the previous part: a fire button for shooting and a virtual joystick for walking.


There is also a button to hide behind a wall or car.

About vehicles in Gangstar Vegas for iOS and Android, the developers from Gameloft have given the player complete freedom of action and choice – steering wheel, buttons, joystick, and gyroscope controls.

Every gamer will find a comfortable way. Another great addition in Gangstar Vegas for iOS and Android is the pawnshop. Here you can upgrade your weapon, car, or clothes.


It is also now possible to purchase real estate and receive income from it. The developers have significantly changed the game store.

Now, to purchase a new car, clothing, or weapon, you do not need to travel through the entire city to the desired market. Everything can buy in one store, which can be accessed directly through the menu.

One drawback of Gangstar Vegas in the store attracts attention – it is biting prices.

Weapons and cars are expensive, and prices for air and water transport are extremely high. After buying the right vehicle, the player has to pay a lot of money every time for the delivery of the car to the nearest parking area.

Also, in Gangstar Vegas, you can purchase a “prize chest”, which you can get a rare item.

We know Gameloft loves to add a lot of paid options, and Gangstar Vegas for iOS and Android is no exception.

As for the graphics, they are right. Starting with iPhone 4, the game runs smoothly. The main disadvantage is the lack of damage to cars. Also, the downside is dialogues, during which the characters do not open their mouths.

Gangstar Vegas is one of the most popular mobile games on Google Play; It bases on the Rockstars Grand Theif Auto series.

In this article, we will provide you with all the information about this game, as well as provide links to download the latest version of Gangstar Vegas for free.

More about Gangstar Vegas:

Gangstar Vegas is a third-person shooter game for Android and IOS devices, released by Gameloft. Gangstar Vegas launched in 2013.

The game quickly received millions of downloads and created a trend in the mobile gaming community. Gangstar Vegas is continually updated to give players excellent gaming experience.

The movement takes place in Las Vegas, where the concentration of criminal gangs is off the charts.

You are a successful and wealthy champion. Once a mysterious mafia organization contacted you and asked you to lose in battle. You have become the target of their pursuit throughout the city.

Instead of waiting for death, you must become a hero, confront the bandits to destroy them.

Gameloft has confirmed that Gangstar Vegas inspired by Grand Theft Auto.

However, this project offers quality sound and graphics that are better than other mobile game.

Also, you often see in GTA games: chasing, racing, shooting, completing missions, etc. Gangstar Vegas brings new content: zombies, robots, and many vehicles.

The developer always updates new features in the game to ensure better game performance.

The game has a lot of features. Below we highlight the most attractive features of this game.


The game’s exciting story guides you in over 80 different missions. In which gamers can explore a dangerous city. One custom company will require players to have good shooting, driving, and fighting skills.

Plus, you will have the opportunity to form your gang to destroy the entire Vegas mafia.

Multiple Game Modes,

The game allows players to go into Carnage or Heist mode to become the best shooter in Vegas.

You will participate in many challenges, such as a water chase or on the road.

Also, you can compete with other players to take the top position on the achievement board.

The game rolled in Las Vegas city.

Massive arsenal of weapons and equipment,

In addition to exciting game modes, there is a vast arsenal of weapons and different vehicles.

You can use different types of weapons, such as bombs, machine guns, pistols, etc.

Also, you will have the opportunity to move around Las Vegas in different vehicles such as heavy trucks, army planes, or supercars.

Moreover, gamers can change the appearance of the character, improve combat skills and weapons.


Great graphics and music,

Gamers can explore a city that is nine times larger than the previous version of the game.

Gangster game has fresh music from the most famous of EDM music: Skrillex, Kavinsky, Chromatics, and many other artists.

What’s Gangstar Vegas Mod?

Gangstar Vegas Mod offers more advanced features that you do not see in the version downloaded from Google Play.

In this mod, all items have unlocked. So, you can get unlimited ammo and weapons, buy new cars for free, etc.

You can read the list of mod features below:

  • Unlimited money.
  • Unlimited bullets.
  • All vehicles are unlocked.
  • The Dragon’s collection is unlocked.
  • All soundtracks in the game are unlocked.
  • Ruth is not needed.
  • Anti-ban.

Game Installation:

Gangstar Vegas is a big game that takes about 1.35 GB after installation.

You can download the latest Gangstar Vegas MOD from the given link.

You must first download the APK file and then download the cache for the game. Both download links below are entirely free.

Please follow the instructions to download and install the latest Gangstar Vegas Mod:

  • On your smartphone, you can access Google Play and find the link to the game.
  • After that, you click “Install” and wait for the download process to start. You do not need to wait too long, because the download process begins after about 10 seconds.
  • Download all the files we provide and save them to your device.
  • Copy the resulting folder to the device along with the “Android / OBB” path.
  • Install the APK file as usual.
  • That is it; now you can open and enjoy the game.

Is it worth downloading Gangstar Vegas for Android and IOS?

Overall, Gangster Vegas is a great Android game. Despite being inspired by GTA, Gameloft knows how to make their products more attractive.

They also constantly add new content and events to keep a new audience of gamers interested.

The game has exciting gameplay. As mentioned earlier, there are over 80 missions in which you can try yourself in the role of a racer, athlete, gangster, and mafia. Shootouts, chases, races, and sports matches await you.

Now let us briefly tell you about the plot of the game.

Completing the storyline is optional. For finishing the mission, you will receive weapons and cars, but you can play just like that, completing side tasks!

On the other side: the game has a vast open world in which you are free to do whatever you want.

Many players like to just roll around the city without noticing the story missions. At any time, you can start a firefight or even arrange a massive accident.

But the game also has some disadvantages, which we will talk about now:

Absence of physics:

You will not see the difference between driving a new sports car, an SUV, or an old car. All vehicles feel the same on the controls. The speed is also practically the same, which is a big difference from the popular GTA game.

There is also no realistic emulation of physics: all hits on different machines feel the same.

And the effect of an accident on an SUV will be the same as on a worn-out rattle.

A small amount of traffic on the street:

You will not see cars on pedestrians, and the number of vehicles on the streets corresponds to a small town, not Las Vegas.

I would also like to see at least some semblance of multiplayer, or at least the ability to interact with other players, but this, unfortunately, is not.

The amount of traffic can adjust in the settings. Still, even at maximum values, the traffic will be minimal. There are no mods to increase traffic.

Here are some features that make you love this game,

Realistic 3D graphics with a beautiful design:

Every car, character, building, or background in this game grabs attention. In Gangstar Vegas, the graphics are at a high level.

As part of the game, you have to take part in a robbery, compete in races, go to the sky, and also face a wrestler in the ring.

And all this is available in the city open for exploration.


An intuitive interface, you can fully control your character:

Simple navigation, full localization – this is all a beginner needs to get into the gameplay rather than learning the mechanics.

At your service, a colorful and lively world that matches the model of Sin City. In some areas of this settlement, zombies are still rampant, theft and violence are rampant.

The story mode includes 80 missions, after which you can go on a free voyage to explore the peculiarities of the city, gather a gang, and press the rest of the groupings.

Play Gangster Vegas on your computer to fully experience the palette of sensations from the project that only high-definition gaming can provide.

You can enjoy the gameplay with the maximum picture quality, as well as without drawdowns of FPS and ping.


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