Geometry Dash


In Geometry Dash, you need to create your game character, which will be a kind of geometric likeness of you. Your main goal is to overcome absolutely all game levels.

You will have to face many dangers and obstacles. They can only avoid timely jumps. It would seem, how could anything be more comfortable than jumping by merely tapping on the screen? However, everything is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.


With Geometry Dash control, it is essential not to jump too high or too far to not bump into one of the many obstacles. If you nevertheless fly into something through negligence, the level will start from the very beginning. Please note that all game challenges randomly generate, so you will never know what awaits you in the future.

Your character will move at a reasonably high speed, so watch all his movements so as not to lose.

Game features,

You can unlock a new playable character. It is possible to create your game level. There is a training mode in which you can practice and how you should hone your skills. You can flip the gravity to make the game even more enjoyable.

Here you can download the full version of Geometry Dash (Geometry Dash) with many unlocked features.

Game Modes,

Geometry Dash Meltdown – 3 levels underground in the craters of a volcano under a powerful dubstep.

Geometry Dash World – updated levels, monsters, and music, it is now possible to make your levels and play created by other players.

Geometry Dash SubZero – three levels in ice locations with fresh music.

Arcade games on Android phones and tablets are usually associated with very primitive gameplay. However, one should not confuse the concepts of “primitive” and “simple,” because, on mobile devices, there are extraordinarily complex arcade games with gameplay that may seem simple, but it is not. If you are a passionate fan of challenging arcade games like Flappy Bird or Swing Copters, you should try Geometry Dash for Android.

What is the basic concept of Geometry Dash?

Geometry Dash is a 2D pixel arcade game. The player will have to control a somewhat passive character who can only jump. The main character will face various obstacles, such as different geometric shapes. Your task is to avoid collisions with fast-moving figures. Control your character sliding across the floor. Be sure to go and jump over the entire level, staying safe and sound.


Geometry Dash gameplay features on Android.

The game offers two main modes: a training mode and a regular mode with 20 levels. When playing in practice mode, the player can save their progress at individual checkpoints. If the main character dies, you will continue to play from the saved point. This function is only available in practice mode.

The player needs to show severe restraint, good reaction, and patience to go through the same levels repeatedly. Despite the complexity of the gameplay, control limit to one button that you need to press on the screen of your phone or tablet. To complete the entire Geometry Dash game, you need to consider the fact that the distance between floating platforms is calculated in advance. You need to figure out when to jump or not. There are platforms such as a rung of a ladder – in this situation, it is enough to repeatedly tap the screen, and the hero will make precise jumps from one platform to another.

It seems like a game like this is hard to diversify when it comes to level design. But the developers from the studio RobTop Games made it quite possible.

In addition to the gameplay described above, the main character will also move using various types of transport, such as planes, flying saucers, etc. It should note that the main character and any vehicle could paint in any color. Yes, there are many customization options. For example, instead of an airplane, you can customize your dragon and fly your dragon through the levels.
The visual style of the game is fantastic and quite colorful and dynamic. This visual style fits perfectly with the retro-level design. It highly recommended for fans of challenging arcade games on Android!

You can download the latest version of Geometry Dash 2.2 APK for Android available on our website. Or the full official version via a direct link on Google Play.

Gameplay features,

Geometry Dash will appeal to everyone who loves tricky puzzles with a lot of diverse tasks. In it, you will control the movements of an ordinary cube, which needs to pass level after level, overcoming numerous obstacles. As a rule, he jumps over them. The main thing is to do it on time, quickly and high since any touch of an obstacle is fraught with a crash from the game. To control, only two buttons are needed: the spacebar to jump and the up arrow. With their help (and your ability), the cube can overcome any trials with honor.


Instead, in some versions of Geometry Dash, you will play another object – a rocket, a robot, a gravitational ball, or a UFO (Unidentified flying object). But the essence of this will not change you will still need to play, passing the location from start to finish, without touching anything in the process. There are 20 such levels in the game Geometry Dash. The highlight of each is the original, never repeated soundtrack. Also, the gaming system of bonuses deserves attention.

They presented on the screen in the form of gold coins. Most of the coins are disguised or scattered in hard-to-reach places, but you should not be too lazy and try to get them from there, as there is a chance to get a lot of additional opportunities. For example, with miraculous coins, you can change the shape, speed, or size of a character, turn off gravity, help him flip in the air, and so on. When you play, remember that the effect of the bonus is limited in time, and very soon, the magic effect provided by it will disappear.

If you are lucky enough to get to the last level, get ready for a super surprise. Geometry Dash allows its winners to become developers for a while and independently create a new game stage. Yes, yes, personally develop obstacles, ways to pass them, available bonuses, character design, set any other settings. This is where you can have a real blast, having come up with perfect entertainment.


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