Human: Fall Flat


Realistic physics and addictive gameplay,

A unique puzzle game with 3D platforming elements that can be the best leisure time for the whole family or a group of friends! This game requires mindfulness, creativity, and creativity from you.

In Human: Fall Flat, you will need to help people, and you will need to explore new areas and visit exciting places, as well as collect hundreds of thoughtful and incredibly addicting physics puzzles.


Mind-blowing puzzles,

Personal games can walk, grab, and move various objects, climb walls, and jump only with your help. In Human: Fall Flat, you are waiting for as many as ten stages, which include many different and fun puzzles with tons of secrets and a variety of solutions. Human: Fall Flat supports up to 4 players!

You also have a unique opportunity to make it unique and recognizable. High-quality 3D graphics worked out to various details and puzzles, easy controls, and realistic physics; all this awaits you in Human: Fall Flat. This game can download from the official Google Play Store.

Human: Fall Flat is an exciting toy. You will move around with the help of a little man who finds it exceedingly difficult to stand on his feet, but he likes to look for a way out of somewhat problematic situations.

Do not forget! To complete the task, you need to examine the entire territory around you, because in this case, you will be able to think over your tactics for further victory.

Great Gameplay,

Here is a fantastic puzzle with elements of a three-dimensional platformer, in which there are realistic laws of physics. This toy can be the best project for you to spend time with your friends or family! Naturally, in this game, you need to be as attentive, creative as possible, and have an innovative approach, because the puzzles can solve in different exciting ways.
In Human: Fall Flat, you control a little man who will need your help to move, and together with him, you will study exciting places in the game, while solving a large number of exciting tasks and puzzles.

Exciting puzzles,

The game character will be able to move, grab and move various objects, climb walls, and only with your help jump. Very quickly in this game, you can master the controls, so there will not be any problems with this. In the toy, ten long and interesting stages await you, in which there are many cool puzzles with unrealistic secrets and different options to solve them. Play with your friends, go through awkward stages together with other players. The total number of players in a joint session must not exceed four people.


Game features:

  • Become a true parkour master;
  • Ten levels await you, which have challenging but exciting puzzles;
  • Play the game with your friends using multiplayer;
  • Full customization of the main character.

Also, in Human: Fall Flat you can turn your hero into a unique character, customize his appearance using a variety of objects, combine, and even use ready-made ninja, princess dresses, and more.

High-quality 3D graphics: details of game missions, worked out to the smallest detail, best control, as well as a lot of exciting things, expect you in this game.

Fall Flat is a fantastic game that quickly achieved popularity among gamers. Enjoy and take comfort in every completed stage.

What is new?

  • Fixe bugs and improvements.
  • Added the ability to select a region.
  • Improvements have made to the lobby list.
  • The search bar added in the lobby list.
  • Fixe multiplayer game connections.

Is Fall Flat a good game?

Overall, it can say that Human: Fall Flat is the unique puzzle game I have ever known. < The relaxation that this game brings is unlimited. You can play it with friends on holidays or weekends. Together discover the puzzle of the game and help Bob achieve his dream. Remember, exploration and creativity are the keys to win this game!

Online Multiplayer game,

You can host private/public rooms with your friends. They will all transform into Bob, then swing, bump, rock, and stumble together.

Many exciting surprises are waiting for you to discover when you transform into Bob.

Interesting Masterpiece,

You are directly in control of Bob’s movements. No scripts, no rules. Bob can walk, jump, climb, and bring everything.


You were coloring your character, Bob, wearing him silly outfits, even putting your face on Bob via Webcam.

Strange landscape,

Explore open-end levels according to physical rules. Interact with almost every object available in the game and explore every corner as a free playground.


Unlimited replay,

Immerse yourself in the dream as many times as you like, try new paths, and discover the whole secret. Feel free to play your way.

Download this game now:

If there is a game that combines adventure and entertainment unique and exciting, are you ready to experience? Currently, on the market, many gamers have “fallen in love” with the exciting puzzle game, mixing many funny and somewhat new elements.

The game combines adventure and engaging puzzles.

It sounds very appealing:

  • Human Fall Flat Apk is one of the games of the genre combining adventure and puzzle. The system of screens is built on the actual physical mechanism to help players always be fascinated by unexpected situations.
  • The obstacles are created based on unlimited physical elements, are very flexible and somewhat different. This feature is also considered a mental game with an open ending; in each contest, the screen will bring various topics and include many solutions.
  • You will experience physics puzzles along the way in 8 different locations. In addition to the single-player mode, you can also play with friends to increase attractiveness.

Also, you can play games with friends anymore.


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