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Introducing Minecraft

Minecraft is a survival adventure game produced by Mojang. Initially, this game called “Cave Game” was later renamed to “Minecraft Order The Stone” and finally renamed “Minecraft.” The game inspires by specific titles such as Dwarf Fortress, Infinitive, and Roller Coaster Tycoon.

Engaging gameplay,

In Minecraft, you will play the role of a character in an open-world without specific goals, so players can freely do what they like.

Initially, players are on the surface of a primitive planet with different areas. These include plains, mountains, caves, swamps, deserts, forests.

During the game, players will meet many animals. These animals can be eaten or made products such as cows, sheep, chickens, fish, which arrives on your gameplay.

In Minecraft, the time is split into day and night according to a specific cycle, with a given period that usually lasts 20 minutes in real-time.

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At night there will be dangerous monsters that can attack players such as spiders, zombies, or skeletons, besides the creeper is a particularly nasty creature that can explode.

Minecraft allows players to use suitable tools to mine blocks with different elements, collect, and can provide everything you want. You can build your unique buildings; this is one of the highlights of the game that attracts millions of players.



Before the night comes, the player must find a house because of a lot of monsters will appear, and they will attack you, so initially, you need to produce a hole to get shelter.

Then you must take advantage of some materials to build a house and create full supplies.

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Minecraft simulates real life, so you can be hungry and must go for food like chickens, pigs, cows, And natural food. The player can also be a farmer. Makes land, seeds, and a large area where you can plant vegetables and produce food. You can also make camps to raise animals like cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, meat, and materials to make shirts, pants, etc.

Attractive game,

There are game modes such as survival mode, creative play mode, and super hard game mode in Minecraft.

Survival game mode: Players will search for resources, manufacture, build, and find food,

In this mode, the player has a health bar so players can be hungry, so we need to find food to survive. If monsters attack us, we will lose blood, so we stay in a cave, indoors at night away from the monsters because they will attack you, causing you to lose blood and you can die.

You can also craft weapons to be able to attack and kill monsters. When shooting animals or monsters, players will get higher points to help players create more powerful weapons and shields. Players can produce a limited amount of items. When a player dies, all items will lose, and return to the initial time.

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Creative Play mode,


In this mode, the player has all the resources and tools; players can unleash their creativity to produce a separate world of great crafts, travel around the globe without attacked, and died.

Super difficult game mode,

In this mode is quite similar to the survival game mode; players live like in real life, only one interface. If to die, the game will end, unable to return to the previous world. This mode allows us to play with care, suspense, and expertise like in real life.

High Graphics,

In the Minecraft world, all things composed of 3D blocks with different materials such as soil, water, stone, wood, gold, and about 36 million square blocks.

If you look at Minecraft’s visions, you will probably think that this game is low-quality, made primarily for fun, because the graphics look classic in the era of advanced graphics improvement today.

But unlike its appearance, the game is packed with engaging, creative experiences that are more attracting gamers who love it.

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