RAID: Shadow Legends


Since its release in early 2019, Raid Shadow Legends has been heavily promoted and won the hearts of millions of players.

There is no clear plan component in it. It is released specially to dive into the atmosphere and feel the excitement of competition with more than 600 heroes.


System requirements,

The game developed for mobile devices, and only after that the developers released the computer version.

  • Android requires version above 5.0
  • For IOS – above 7.0.

On the main pages of the game, in the Google Play and App Store, it is written that 75 MB of memory required for installation. Taking into the recorded data (cache), it will weigh from 1 to 2 GB, which is worth considering.

For standard devices with 2GB of the phone, RAM will be enough.

In the computer version, the developers did not add new gameplay elements. Still, they focused on the visual component, so the game has quite high requirements for an initially mobile application:

  • Windows 7, 8 or 10 OS;
  • dual-core processor from Intel or AMD;
  • from 2 GB of RAM;
  • from 5 GB of free memory;
  • Mouse and keyboard.

The Gameplay,

The Gameplay is typical for battle games:

The player has a squad of 4-5 heroes who are fighting with another of the same team.

The process of battles, at first, attracts with graphics, drawing, and animation but quickly gets bored since the interest not focused on fighting but variety.

The game has over 600 heroes of different factions. They can equip with equipment with different attributes, of which there are more than 10. Heroes and their equipment can be improved and increased in rank.

So, thousands, if not millions of combinations of fighters fall into the hands of the user. But not everyone will be helpful. There is a division into common, unique, rare, epic, and legendary heroes. Some of them will be stronger than others.


Factions and heroes,

Each character belongs to a specific camp, which divides into several more alliances.

In an average coalition, there are from 20 to 45 heroes of various rarities.

How to get heroes,

The difficulty of obtaining a specific character depends on the rarity.

Where heroes drop.

The higher the rank of the hero, the more difficult it is to get it:

Familiar and unusual characters drop out during the passage of the company. It is they who most often fall out of the mysterious fragments.

Green shards drop out during the passage of company levels and given as a reward for tournaments, events, and visiting the game.

Rare drops during the passage of defined levels, but this does not happen often. The situation is also the case with attempts to get them from Mysterious Shards, where the chance of falling out of them is less than 10%.

Most comfortable to knock out of Ancients or Dark Shards. In the beginning, the player can only get them to participate in events. With pumped heroes, you can get shards by defeating bosses in the Dungeons.

Epic ones are the ones that need to develop first.

Drop from the Ancients, Dark and Sacred Shards, but in the first two, the chance is not so great.

Legendary – the most compelling characters that the user receives only after several hundred hours spent in the game. Drop from Sacred Shards, but even then, with a 6% chance, lucky ones can knock them out of the Ancients or Dark Shards, where the opportunity is 0.5%.

Sacred Shards do not drop in battles. A total of about 3-4 pieces can obtain by completing all progress or challenge missions.

The easiest way to get a Legendary Hero is to buy with real money.

Useless heroes,

You should not pay much attention to ordinary and unusual heroes – they needed only to pump the rank of rarer characters.

Most of the rare ones are also among the most useless.

Merging heroes,

Make the main emphasis on pumping on notable characters and legendary ones, if any. In addition to being rewarded and knocked out for shards, two epics and one legendary hero can obtain by merging others. However, this will require many unusual and rare pumped characters, which complicates the task.

Main parts of the Gameplay,

Before starting the walkthrough, a beginner should figure out the things that he will encounter throughout the game:

  • Energy,
  • Speed,
  • Talents,
  • Equipment.

In these parts, beginner players usually do not pay much attention, although they play an essential role in pumping heroes.


The indicator needed to fight. Campaign and Dungeon battles require different amounts of energy. Within the maximum value, it replenishes itself over time. The maximum volume can increase by pumping the level.

Since energy often drops out as a reward, it quickly accumulates in surplus. Then it stops replenishing until the value drops to the limits of the maximum stock.



The attribute is inherent in heroes performing in battles. Each character has an innate stat that increases with equipment. The speed value determines how the character will walk on the score. This attribute is especially vital in arena battles.

Check out a new guide from the creators of the game (with subtitles):


Each hero initially has three branches of talents: attack, defense, and support. You can pump points only in two of them. Each new talent will require more scrolls than the previous one. That is why so many players stop downloading skills.


The gear worn on heroes, in most cases, determines their power.

There are six slots for regular items and three slots for attributes. Use the first ones immediately, and the last three only as the hero develops.

Each item has its bonuses. When equipping a hero, it is essential to consider his characteristics and the main task in battle. You can Upgrade items by unlocking new indicators or improving old ones. This opportunity should not neglect.

The more stars an item has, the more indicators it has, and the higher the rarity, the better these indicators. In this regard, it is worth storing rare, epic, and legendary items with 4-5 stars and above, and selling the rest.


Several items from the same class form a set, which gives additional bonuses, there are more than 10 of them: life theft, attack, health, etc. The collection should choose according to the characteristics and needs of the hero. Also, gear can be enchanted using glyphs. Item and glyph must have the same stat and rank. Upgrading to level 12-16 and enchanting weak artefacts is not worth it, since their bonuses will not pay off.

Key Resources,

There are two currencies in the game:

  • Silver,

The first is needed to improve items, use the functions of the tavern, buy goods on the market. You can get silver during battles or as a reward for visiting the game, completing tasks, and participating in events.

Rubies are needed to buy bonuses.

For example, for:

  • increase in experience,
  • energy replenishment,
  • improving training camp.

The mine allows you to get a certain number of rubies in a few hours. Spend rubies wisely, do not spend them on increasing slots. Buy them for silver, and do not just exchange rubies for silver.

Both currencies bought with real money. You can purchase heroes and resources for donations, but you should not do this.

How to rank up,

The development of heroes is a massive layer in the game with a lot of subtleties. At first, it is difficult to understand them but to complete the game. This must be done.

To level up, send your hero into battles to gain experience and level up.

The rank of a hero determines the maximum level that he can get. To increase the class, you need to donate from 1 to 5 heroes of the same rank at least the first level. With each grade, the level counter resets to 1.

In all campaign battles, you can use auto-combat, since these battles do not require significant efforts, and the game copes with them entirely. To develop abilities, you will have to use volumes obtained for events and tasks. Rare tomes drop quite often, while higher ones are rare, so they should only be spent on important heroes.

It is not necessary to pump many heroes to level 50-60, 5-6 characters are enough. The rest developed only to increase the ranks of the main ones. In addition to battles, you can increase the level of heroes in the training camp. Still, you should not concentrate much on this tool since its pumping requires too many rubies. Multi-fight is also a useful tool, but the 15-fight limit is frustrating for many players.


An essential part of the game is the battles for the rise of the league in the arena mode, where the player fights against other users. To increase your chances of winning, pump heroes and establish a strong defensive squad. They can attack if the player is not online.

Pay attention to pumping the Great Hall, which gives bonuses for all modes. It is worth focusing on one indicator, developing it to level 10, and only then seriously start pumping the rest.


Do not postpone joining a clan until later. There are many alliances, even for beginner players. In a group, you will receive two rewards: for activity and for killing a clan boss.

Unlock slots for heroes 2-3 times, but not more. Further unlocking is a waste of money, since the available space is enough for storage, provided that you continuously develop heroes and increase their rank.

Time reward,

Every day, for the time spent in the game, a person receives bonuses. Issued in 5, 20, 40, 60, 90 and 180 minutes. You do not have to fight or take any action. As a reward, silver, shards, energy, potion, and arena tokens drop out.

Newbie Mistakes,

  • The main mistakes of newcomers are investing significant resources in the development of common-rare heroes and low-rank gear. Since these heroes and items will very quickly lose their relevance. To level up fast, focus on heroic characters.
  • Before reaching level 40-45, you should not spend rubies on packs and rubies, since at this stage, they are not relevant. The secret is to spend the initial energy on the buildup of the heroes, and only then replenish it.
  • Do not focus on arena battles; initially develop heroes for dungeon bosses and campaigns. Only then study the Arena.
  • Do not waste all rare heroes. Every month, the game has the opportunity to merge a new epic or legendary hero. For this, you need to rock unusual characters. Try to keep at least one copy at a time.

Choosing a starting hero,

To quickly pump, decide in advance which hero of the four you will choose, it is best to take either Kael or Ethel, as they will be able to compete for a long time. These heroes are capable of inflicting massive damage and living in fights for a long time. Do not take Elaine or Galek.

Serious arena defense,

If your goal in the Arena is not to raise the league but to conduct as many victorious fights as possible, put a squad of 1 weak hero in defense. So, you will not be able to reflect the attacks of other players. Still, your opponents will always be more vulnerable than you.

Misuse of rubies,

You need to dispose of rubies wisely; you should not spend them on increasing slots. Buy them for silver. Do not trade rubies for silver. Both currencies can buy with real money. You can also purchase heroes and resources for donation, but this is not worth doing, since you can get them just like that during the game.

Pumping many heroes to level 50,

You should not pay much attention to ordinary and unusual heroes – they needed only to pump the rank of rarer characters.

Most of the rare ones are also among the most useless characters, with limited exceptions. Upgrade heroic characters and legendary ones, if any.

In addition to being rewarded and knocked out for shards, two epics and one legendary hero can obtain by merging others. Many unusual and rare pumped characters will be required, which complicates the task.

Sharpening weak artefacts to level 16,

Each item has its bonuses. When equipping a hero, consider his characteristics and the main task in the battle.

The more stars an item has, the more stats it has, and the higher the rarity, the better these stats. Store rare, epic, and legendary items with 4-5 stars and above, and sell the rest.

Upgrading to level 12-16 and enchanting weak artefacts is not worth it, since improvement with each level costs more and more, and the chance of success is getting lower.

Thus, the gear simply will not pay off your investment. Invest in epic and legendary 5-6-star gear.

Waste books on unnecessary heroes,

To develop skills in the game, you need books that match the rarity of the hero. Rare books are standard, but epic and legendary ones are unique. Do not spend them on a random hero immediately upon receipt, first acquire enough characters. Decide which of them is the strongest, and only then develop it.

For pumping most rare heroes, use their duplicates, they fall during the campaign.

Do not forget about the events.

Events are temporary events that involve the accumulation of points for specific actions. Events last three days, after which players receive rewards. They are given, for example, for raising the league in the Arena, pumping heroes, or a massive call.

Incorrect pumping of the large hall,

Levelling up the Great Hall gives bonuses to heroes in all game modes. Buy gifts for medals received in victories in the Arena. There are 24 indicators in total, do not try to pump everything at once, focus on one sign, and develop to level 10. Only then start tapping the rest.

Other tips for beginners,

The secret to quick take-off is to focus on potions (falling in dungeons) for the development of the hero since each fortress opens once a week.

Do not rush to waste time opening the shards right away; the game often hosts events for the massive summoning of new heroes, for which rewards issued.

Completing the initial challenge missions,

The game has trials divided into four areas:

  • heroes;
  • artefacts;
  • dungeons;
  • Arena.

Get energy, potions, money, and books for pumping skills for their passage. Each test divides into several parts, with each part of the problem getting more complicated. However, the initial missions are simple and provide a big bonus for beginners, so they need to pay attention to it.

Do not wake them up – you will suddenly feel how the money will become scarce, and the mobs and bosses in the campaign will become stronger.

Daily tasks,

Every day the player is asked to complete the same set of tasks, there are also weekly and monthly tasks. For their implementation, they give as gift shards, experience, energy, and silver.

But most importantly, for weekly and monthly tasks, you can get epic heroes and a sacral shard.



In all campaign battles and most of the Dungeon bosses, you can use auto-combat. The actions do not require a lot of effort, and the game does a great job on its own. During an auto-battle, the computer uses the most expensive abilities first, and then attacks, if there is no alternative. Autobody is automatically enabled in the multibody model.

Answers to frequently asked questions,

How to change your account?

To change your account, go to the menu by clicking on the avatar, press the “exit” button. After logging into another account, it is also possible to change the password for the report.

How to transfer an account from mobile to PC?

To transfer your account from the mobile version to computer version, you need to click on the “link ID” button from the mobile version and enter the same data in the computer version.

How to restore an account?

To recover a lost account, please refer to a feedback form or support; synchronization with Facebook or Plаrium Play will speed up the process. The way is available after logging out of your account by clicking the “restore password” button.

What if the game is not updating?

When updating from version 1.0 to 1.1, many players faced with the fact that the game disappeared from Google Play, and it was impossible to enter it. This is due to a technology update, due to which many devices no longer support the game. In this case, you can only play it from a computer.

Buying and selling accounts

Buying a ready-made account is the easiest and fastest way to get your hands-on pumped heroes. There are similar offers of purchase and sale on the network or in thematic groups on social networks.

Is it possible to hack the game for money?

There are no promo codes or loopholes for hacking resources in the game, but there are offers on the network to buy accounts with a large supply of gold and rubies.

What are the cheats in Raid Shadow Legends?

The audience has not yet found an opportunity to influence the game for their purposes. You can only achieve success and develop many heroes in the game with your hard work.

Is there any speed hack?

The process of passing the levels is rather monotonous and requires the allocation of time. The secret to automating Dungeon and Company farming is auto clickers, who independently press the replay button.

Can I play in a browser?

You can only play through:

  • mobile app;
  • android emulator for pc;
  • application for the computer, through the Plarium client.

There is no browser version of the game.

Do I need to swing a training camp?

In addition to battles, you can increase the level of heroes in the training camp. Do not pay too much attention to this tool. Its pumping requires too many rubies.

How do I change my password?

You can change your account password by logging out of your account and clicking on the “restore password” button.

How do I get a referral link?

The developers have provided for the possibility of a referral program, which gives bonuses to both parties. You can get a referral link from the “invite a friend” menu on the main screen.

What if the referral link is not working?

Sometimes there is a problem that the referral link does not work; the issue in such cases is usually in non-compliance with the conditions. For correct operation on a new device, the game must install for the first time, and it is through the referral link.

What does the affiliate program give?

The owner of the referral link will receive bonuses in the form of energy, shards, and others, during the development of those players with whom he shared the link, and they will receive several heroes, items, and shards at the very beginning.

What are the analogues of the game?

Dungeon & heroes This is a role-playing RPG, where the player will be subordinate to a small squad, which will regularly have to engage in battles with the enemy. The game has several heroes to choose from.

Battle arena The Gameplay consists of constant battles and pumping heroes. The player can choose characters, equipment, and areas to choose from.

World of warriors Role-playing fighting game in which the player leads his army towards constant new battles. Unique quality, beautiful, cartoonish graphics.

How to solve lags problems?

Freezes and crashes in the game are usually associated either with the device itself or with work on servers. That is, if the game slows down, although before the device calmly pulled it, then you need to wait for a solution to the problem from the developers.

To speed up the game, lower the graphics settings to the minimum, but leave the figure at 60 fps. If you are playing on your phone, use performance utilities.

Where to get promotional codes and where to enter?

Promo codes for money, crystals, and experience placed on the network. The game does not even have a window for entering them; that is, there is no way to hack the game.

The Developer,

Plarium has been producing games for mobile phones since 2009 and adapting mobile applications for computers. The company has its marketplace, Plarium Play.

About the company,

The company develops online MMO games. Raid shadow legends are not their first project; the company also released Vikings: War of Clans, Throne: Kingdom at war, and others. Only 15, many of them have standard features in the Gameplay.


Raid, due to its variety and excellent visuals, has become one of the best developer projects.


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